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When July and August come around, I am reminiscent of my joining Sam’s Club, and preparing for my 12 week journey to the “Land of Enchantment.” Eleven years ago this August I packed up my mom’s Buick, floor to ceiling, trunk, and passenger side full of my teacher supplies, and my personal belongings. Two and a half days later arriving at the McCurdy School in Espanola, New Mexico. There, I would spend twelve weeks, student teaching, and experiencing some of the most wonderful people, and some of the most beautiful landscapes I would ever know. My dream to go to the edge would take a few turns, and would take a little longer than most to be realized. Eleven years later, I would be given the opportunity to join another group of wonderful people who have a mission to preserve, and to educate the world about Stark County, and our Twenty-Fifth President, William Mckinley. (Major) more later…