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Dawn Breaks in Hale Farm

A Day in the Life of a Living Historian
6:15 Reveille
6:45 Morning Reports Due (All soldiers reporting for duty, sick call, and on leave)
7:10 First Call (Prepare for battle, or drill)
7:15 Form Companies
7:30 Form up on the road (as Army)
8:00 Tactical (this is a battle scenario, closed to the public)
9:15 Breakfast
9:50 First Call
10:00 Battalion Drill
11:00 Suttler’s Tents (food, gear, civilian luxuries)
12:25 Lunch
12:50 First Call
1:15 Presentation of Plaque Hale Farm, and the Western Reserve Historical Society
2:00 Battle of Gettysburg, First Day Scenario July 1, 1863
4:30 Rest
5:30 Dinner
8:00 Grand Ball