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My grandma Rice attending  a luncheon with ladies from the Hoover Company, in North Canton, Ohio.

My grandma Rice attending a luncheon with ladies from the Hoover Company, in the late teens, in North Canton, Ohio.  She is the first one on the left.  Her name at the time was Myria Madeline Studer.

Myria Studer, attended the First Evangelical United Brethren Church here in Canton, Ohio. One Sunday, she asked about the handsome red haired gentleman who was singing in the choir. The handsome gentleman was Raymond Clayton Rice. It was the early twenties, and my grandparents met, fell in love, and married. The couple, being shy, picked a Sunday to get married, and asked the congregation to stay after the service to attend their wedding ceremony. They drove away that afternoon in a borrowed car, with dreams, and hopes, and little else. Myria had three sisters; Ozella, Ruth, and Corinne. When she was twenty-eight, she had a son, Wendell Raymond Rice. Uncle Wendell was born at Canton’s Mercy Hospital. A year later she was working in the kitchen at her mother’s house, and her mother, Lucy Studer, asked her to call her dad, John for dinner. Myria made the horrible discovery that the family car had come down on their dad, and he was killed instantly. In 1931, the little Rice family of four, were living in North Canton, at 949 South Main Street. My mother was born at home, because Wendell would not let anyone else dress him, except his mother. The Rice’s lived happily in their modest home till 1959, then moving to Jackson Township.