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Tonight, was a real treat at the museum! We had a Soup at Six that featured a mystery. The people who signed up for this soup didn’t know what the program would be. They were treated to a tour of the Stark County Story & The Mckinley Gallery. The tour ended with donuts & coffee served by our Education Director Chris Kenney and Volunteer, Bill Gouge. Sharing the history of Stark County is very exciting! Sharing the stories, and viewing the artifacts, and pictures with our members, and visitors is very rewarding. Our Keller Gallery exhibit A Secret Gift will be opening in November, and I can’t wait to see the finished product! This is the first exhibit where the library volunteers, and I contributed together. Thank you to all who support our cause of preserving the heritage of Stark County, and the life of the Twenty-Fifth President William Mckinley, and his family. More later…