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McK facing left-2

Son, Citizen, Teacher, Citizen turned Soldier, Lawyer, Husband, Father, Congressman, Governor, President. It is so easy to visit the sights where William McKinley lived, and brush over the fact that he was a man of extreme integrity. In the 2008 election, one of the questions asked of the general public was: “Which candidate would you like to have a beer with?” Well, I wouldn’t want to have a beer with President McKinley (because I don’t drink beer) but I would love to have dinner with him? The point of the question was which candidate would you feel most comfortable chatting with, and which would you trust most. William McKinley has my vote for being trustworthy. Integrity, friendship, loyalty, are rare qualities these days, and when you find them, you hang onto them.

When you study any person, or thing, or idea in history, please consider what happened before the monuments were placed in their honor.
They did a tremendous amount of work to deserve their remembrance.

The list of President McKinley’s accomplishments are the results of him working, caring, and honoring the people around him. More later…