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The McKinley Presidential Library & Ramsayer Research Library has undergone a remarkable transformation in the short time I have been here. I wish to thank the Volunteers & Staff for a very warm welcome to work full time in the place I love most. My mother would often take me here to see, and talk to little cereco…

To the library volunteers, I thank you for your loyalty to the cause of preservation, and education for which we are deeply embedded. The work, sometimes is tedious, and I recognize this, and appreciate your tenacity.

To the staff, I thank you for the support you have so graciously provided me. This has been a most amazing year of donations, research, and organization.

To the researchers, I thank you for your love of the question. If you had no questions, we would simply be an attic that would lay in rest. We had a researcher from as far off as Japan, who was interested in the President’s foreign policy. Family members from museum originators visited us and one of them became volunteer.

I wish you a very Happy New Year!

More Later…