Ramsayer Research Library 2014

You won’t recognize the Ramsayer Research Library. Our maintenance department, and other members of the museum staff, and volunteers helped to transform our library into a functional research space. Thank you to everyone who helped with this project!

It was always in the plan to create an inviting environment for our researchers, volunteers, and staff. The result is a space that we are all pleased with, and are sure you will be too. Our growing number of researchers in the library made it absolutely necessary to find a better solution. One researcher called it “A place that I can think, and move in a more effective way.” “Thank you for your positive efforts!”

The future is bright in the library. We are going to expand our educational outreach, and invite people to explore what we have to offer. We will have workshops, and more Immersion Experiences! We will be able to better serve our friends with a new database, and more improvements in our web presence.

We are here to help. We thank you for your support, and your trust.

More Later…