Museum Entrance

We mourn the loss of longtime volunteer Mary E. Elsaesser (Betty)

Betty was a teacher and school principal for the Stark County Board of Mental Retardation & Developmental Services.

She volunteered here at the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum in the Ramsayer Research Library. Betty was always helpful, and always positive. One of our library volunteers gives Betty the credit for being here. Sue Henry called into the museum a little over five years ago to Stephanie Span our Volunteer Coordinator. Sue was inquiring about a volunteer position at the museum. This call came right at the time of a volunteer luncheon. Stephanie, always the gracious host, asked Sue to attend the luncheon. Sue had the privilege of sitting down next to our dear Betty. Betty spent a good portion of this noontime luncheon talking up the library, and telling Sue how much fun she was having as a volunteer. Sue decided to give it a try, and 5 years later she is still going strong.

Thank you Betty, for your service to the exceptional children of Stark County, and to the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum.