May, Coats, Art, Food, Sidewalks, Scary Sidewalk Grates, Birdseye Views, People, Music!  Canton’s First Friday has a lot to offer! We made three goals before we left; to see the Saxton Gallery,  see the Onesto and its progress, and see the Canton Club!

We browsed the Saxton Gallery and enjoyed the wonderful photography! Photographs help us transcend time, and for a couple of minutes we are there…The Joseph Saxton Gallery is located in the Wilson Building 1909.  It was a car garage at one time, and a regular researcher here at the Ramsayer Research Library tells the story of how the owner of this garage would flood the showroom floor in the winter, open the windows, and let people ice skate!

Walking three blocks South brought us to the Hotel Onesto! The accomplishment of blood, sweat, and tears of Frank Onesto at the end of the 1920’s.

Hotel Onesto Exterior

Thank you to Brett for taking his time to show us around on the tenth floor.  Brett has visited the library three times in search of photographs of the hotel in order to restore it to its original glory.  Brett explained the contrast between the hallways and the rooms.  When you step off the elevator on the 10th floor, it will look like you were in an 80 room hotel.



We are so happy to see this Canton treasure saved and used for a better purpose.

Our third destination is the Canton Club!



We found a wonderful surprise at the top of the Chase Tower! Cupcakes!!! Well, we just had to sample.  We bought two mini cupcakes. mmm


Courtesy of Google Maps



Don’t Miss Canton’s First Friday! Great time!

For more information on the history of Canton, and Stark County you are free to research at the Ramsayer Research Library located in the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum.

More later…