May 28, 2014 Volunteer Tom Haas, and I traveled to the Salem Historical Society in Columbiana County.  We were invited to collaborate with their staff on museum practices including the software program we use to catalogue our donations.  Salem is similar to Canton with many factories and much industry in the late 19th, and early 20th centuries.  Salem Historical Society has three locations and also runs a trolley tour through their downtown.

Our destination was the Dale Shaffer Research Library built two years ago.  The Library is a gift Mr. Shaffer willed to the society.  Dale Shaffer is Salem’s revered historian much like E.T. Heald is for Stark County.  The photo above includes Dale, and his typewriter with the last line he wrote.

The staff of Salem Historical Society is very friendly, and helpful.  They greeted us warmly, and shared their mission, backgrounds, and common museum practices.  They shared their website Salem Historical Society, and FaceBook which we enjoyed thoroughly.

On behalf of the entire staff of McKinley Presidential Library & Museum we thank you for your time, and collaboration! We invite you to come visit our facility and share even more ideas for our common good.

Mullins Manufacturing Co.

Mullins Manufacturing Co.



The Roman Goddess Diana & Tom 🙂



Salem Label



Canton, Ohio

Canton, Ohio


David & Tom