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September 6, 1901 early in William McKinley’s second term, he was gunned down by two bullets from an assassin’s hidden gun.  The President was taken to the Emergency Hospital nearby.  One of the people on the hospital staff was Miss M. Elizabeth Dorchester who lived at 138 Mariner Street, Buffalo, NY.  She helped to care for the President during his stay at the hospital.


The Emergency Hospital Staff

Elizabeth is in the back row, fourth person from the left, not facing the camera.  Miss Dorchester may have spoken with the President in his last few days.

We thank Mrs. Evelyn Dorchester, her late husband, Leland, and their three children for this rare donation to the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum.  Miss Dorchester is Leland Dorchester’s aunt.  We can now uncover more of what happened during those eight days when the country had it’s eyes focused on Buffalo, New York.  The people were waiting for some positive news that our President would survive.


Images of the ambulance, reception, operating theater, and recovery room.

Miss Dorchester, one of the nurses on duty at the time of President McKinley’s stay at the hospital, was compensated in the amount of $100.00 which came in the form of a check that was reportedly never cashed.  She received a letter from the U.S. Treasury Department regarding her payment.  The Dorchester family reported that she also received the above photos from the federal government.



Thank you to all of the people who donate artifacts, and give monetarily to the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum!

Your generosity helps to educate thousands upon thousands of people each year about William McKinley, our 25th President, and our Stark County.

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