Notice the “Bowl” made out of a 33 1/3rd Record

Three ladies who graduated from Glenwood High School came in for their second visit today.  This Autumn, they will hold their class reunion at  Meyer’s Lake Ballroom.  They are in search of nostalgic photos of Canton, Ohio.  They called the Ramsayer Research Library.  We were able to find yearbooks, and photos for a display they are creating for their reunion.  The ladies selected twenty-one photos from our Stark County Photographs Collection, and our yearbooks.  After our place they were going down the street to Taggart’s Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant for lunch!


Images of Stark County

These Glenwood Graduates visited our library twice in search of these valuable photographs, and even serenaded us with their fight song!  The Ramsayer Research Library is a productive, and valuable place to do research on William McKinley our 25th President, and of Stark County, Ohio.  We have a lot of fun here, and we all try our best to make it fun for researchers to come in and find what they need.

Thank you ladies for thinking of us first!

More later…