We just kicked off another year here at the museum.  Volunteer Enrichment is where we invite all of our volunteers to a breakfast, give them an update on the museum, and exchange information, and tools to always make the coming year better than the previous.

Our group of volunteers are dedicated, passionate, and hard working individuals who come together to fulfill our two missions, educating people on William McKinley, and Stark County.

The library volunteers are no exception, they work hard to help people answer their research requests, catalog our collection, and collaborate with other volunteers, and staff.

William McKinley volunteered to what they coined, in 1861, “Save the Union!” He did not take his task lightly.  He asked advice of his relatives, friends, and his best advisor, his mother.  What should I do? She answered: “It is your duty, William, to serve your country.”  From that decision came years, and years of service to his nation, relatives, friends, and self.

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Part of the Library Volunteer Team

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Thank you to our library volunteers who serve our country, and our county.  Thank you to all of our volunteers who serve McKinley Presidential Library & Museum.

More later…