You don’t know what is going to happen when you pick a random photograph from collections storage!

This 11″ by 41″ panoramic photograph was taken in 1918.  Gilliam Manufacturing Co. was once a member of the Canton Board of Trade, that became the Canton Chamber of Commerce in 1913.  Gilliam began as a leather goods company making various harnesses, and horse boots.  Women operated 150 sewing machines.  At the time of the photograph,  Gilliam is manufacturing gas masks for WW I as sub-contractors for Goodyear in Akron, Ohio.

Gilliam Manufacturing Co.

During the short history of bike manufacturing in Stark County, Gilliam made “saddles” for bikes.

The Company went on to make roller bearings for the Timken Company.

Gilliam Roller Bearings Co.

There are three locations in the Canton City Directories for the Gilliam Company, Market Avenue North, Savannah Avenue N.E., and Dueber Avenue S.W.

Many people helped to piece together the story of Gilliam Manufacturing Co.  Thank you to the staff & volunteers of the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum for your help!

You can view the photograph in the Ramsayer Research Library.  The photograph joins two other panoramic photographs in a display known as “Transitions.”  I will feature the other two photographs in separate blogs.

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