This is not a photograph of last night.  But that is the shirt…

The debut of Inverted Intersections, A 1956 Perspective of Canton, Ohio went off without a hitch, thanks to the many hands that made the work light.

It was an extreme pleasure to share a very small part of the history of Canton, Ohio! 120 people learned more about the not-so-famous people and places of Canton.

The soup was excellent! Thank you Mr. Mike’s! Thank you to the volunteers of the museum for serving our guests.

The support the museum staff gave during the preparation, and presentation of this program is greatly appreciated!


Thank you to the Ramsayer Research Library volunteers for their research & inspiration. Truly a team effort.

Thank you to Mr. Richard White for organizing the 75 Hildebrand photographs.

Stay tuned to chapter two of the life of the Hildebrand Collection:

Inverted Intersections II, The Corners Where You Live, Canton, Ohio


It is up to us to listen to their voices…

More later…