McK facing left-2

William McKinley endured many hardships in his life.  His solid upbringing, and his loving parents were a help to him, so many years later.

Major McKinley knew how to “win friends, and influence people” He had a knack for remembering your name that served him well in politics, and in social gatherings.

He did as Dale Carnegie would instruct more than a half a century later, “do as the puppy does.  A puppy practically jumps out of their skin to see you”

William McKinley demonstrated to us kindness, generosity, and love for his children, wife, family, and friends.

He was a likable person, and countless people from all over the world grieved his passing.

We remember him most for speaking to us from the heart, and helping us see the good in all.


We honor him, and all that he accomplished from his Civil War service to his service in public life as; Stark County Prosecutor, U.S. Congressman, Ohio State Governor, and 25th President of the United States.

More later…