What started out as a blind date, quickly blossomed into a wonderful relationship.

Alyson Bachtel and I met at:






on October 28, 2013.

This was the date my father had passed away twenty-four years before.  Our meeting turned a negative date into a positive.

On April 25, 2015 we were married at Saint Mary’s Church in Massillon.


Alyson Holland and I would like to thank Stephanie Span, Museum Volunteer/Special Events Coordinator for helping us find each other! We also want to thank the many hands that went into the successful celebration of our wedding this past weekend!



11041226_964602573572360_6058082203294509474_o 10421294_964602600239024_783126910020856838_n 217686_1626998085061_7260876_nAlyson volunteers for special events here at the museum and you will see her here from time to time…

More Later…