Last week I got a call from Ron Addington.  He asked if he could bring in the abstract for his home he purchased in 1968.  An abstract gives the history of the land a building or house is built on, but not the building itself.  He mentioned one of our volunteers, and wondered if we could make a copy of the abstract for our files.  I thanked him for the generous offer, and we made an appointment for today.

I happened to see Ron on one of the popular sites about Canton history over the weekend.  I commented on his photograph of Bezaleel Wells’ Canton Plat. He noticed my last name, and asked if I knew Bob & Gene!  I was delighted to reply Bob was my uncle, and Gene was my dad!


Ron and his wife, Joan came in and we talked about Lincoln High, the Melbourne Hotel, the McKinley Theater, and the Mellett Housing he and Joan lived in after he returned from serving in the Air Force.

Thank you Ron, for a glimpse into my Dad and Uncle’s past, and a new perspective on Canton, Ohio.