Peter & Catherine (Essig) Pontius House

A couple of months ago the Plain Township Historical Society asked for someone to take photographs of Market Avenue North, above 55th Street. They wanted a record of what the road looked like before it was widened. The widening of Market North in this section of the road will change the landscape.

As a result of this project, Larry Snyder, one of our History Docents at McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, invited me to the Peter Pontius House, located on the West side of Market Avenue North between 55th Street and Schneider Road.  Larry also invited Library Volunteer, Tom Haas, and I invited our new Intern, Ingrid Chovan.



The foundation where the builders placed three rows of brick onto the stone walls, to better attached the wooden walls.


The “Summer Kitchen” which may be original.


This staircase was very well constructed, and didn’t creak at all when we ascended it.




Where Larry is standing represents the Western boundary of the newly widened Market Avenue North.

The widening of the road will not affect this particular house.  Thank you to Larry Snyder, and the Plain Township Historical Society for the invitation to experience Stark County History first hand!

More Later…