A few weeks ago we received a request via the Canton Art Museum from City Hall.  A painting of President William McKinley hangs in the City Council Chamber in Canton’s City Hall.  It was recently taken down, and conserved by Peffer Gallery in Canton.  Clerk of Council, Cindy Timberlake, wanted the Ramsayer Research Library to provide Peffer background information on the artist.  The portrait of President McKinley will be rededicated during a Canton Council Meeting.  Library Volunteer, Tom Haas found an article in the Canton Repository dated August 1, 1904.  The artist is Albert Rosenthal from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cindy told us the colorful books in the background of this portrait were not visible before it was conserved.  She said the background was black! Thank you to Peffer Gallery for your conservation of Stark County and Presidential History! Thank you Cindy for your question, and your confidence in us! 

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The Canton Repository August 1, 1904

Tom Haas, Alyson and I were invited to attend the unavailing of the conserved portrait of President William McKinley.

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McKinley Presides Over The Council Once More…

More Later…