Tuesday October 13, 2015 Volunteer, Tom Haas and I received a wonderful tour of the current Stark County Courthouse!


Our Host and Tour Guide, Marc Warner

Marc Warner, E-filing Manager, was very generous to take time out of his busy day to share some of the historic stories, and interesting places of our Stark County Courthouse.  He started in the judge’s area, where he gave us a special view of the Courthouse Tower, and the Trumpeters of Justice!


The Trumpeters of Justice

Above is a unique view included in the original design and construction of the 1895 Courthouse.

Next, he took us to what I call the North Solarium.



Marc pointed out the Running Ivy, and the Overlapping Discs. The style of the building is known as Beaux Arts Classicism.


Next, Marc took us to the McKinley Courtroom, the only courtroom from the 1870 Courthouse with the two towers.    William McKinley practiced law in this courtroom. This courtroom was incorporated into the current courthouse completed in 1895.


Marc took us to two other courtrooms that were not as ornate, but still very beautiful. We learned some of the new practices of the modern court.


We finished back in the front lobby where we admired the safe in the back wall made by the Diebold Safe & Lock Company.


If you would like more information on the history of the Stark County Courthouse, visit

Stark County Bicentennial 1817 – 2017

or call to make an appointment to visit the Ramsayer Research Library.

Thank you to Marc Warner for the great visit and informative tour of our Stark County Common Pleas Court General Division.

Mark Holland, Archivist, McKinley Presidential Library & Museum

More Later…