Canton Palace, November 11, 2015

The Palace Theater, Stark County District Library & many people from Stark County interested in good customer service made for the perfect mix to “play” with the ideas of success! The Stark County District Library invited Doug to speak to their company, and they allowed Stark County to listen in!  Wonderful idea! Thank You!!!


Tena Wilson, Executive Director of the Stark County District Library Begins the Program


Doug Lipp, Author of Disney U

Doug shared with us seven lessons from Disney U:

  1. Simplify the Complex
  2. Plus the Show
  3. Good Show, Bad Show
  4. Popcorn Empowerment
  5. Walk the Park
  6. Dreamers and Doers
  7. Change or Parish

IMG_0201 IMG_0202

You will see more of this in the Ramsayer Research Library and beyond…

More Later