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Today we feature a photograph of Dr. Esther M. Tyrrell from our Stark County Photograph Collection.

Dr. Tyrrell was the first woman doctor in Stark County.

One hundred and six years ago Dr. Tyrrell gave a series of health talks on Tuberculosis at the Canton Y.M.C.A.  In her talks she describes the different forms of the disease, and how to avoid infection.  She went on to give advice on how to care for victims already inflicted with the disease.  Prevention is the best medicine was her message.  She also told her audience that tubercular people should not marry.

In 1910 Dr. Esther M. Tyrrell has a practice at 129 North Cleveland Avenue, and her residence is in the same location.

Molly Stark, the hospital dedicated to fighting tuberculosis in Stark County had been in operation for thirty-four years.

Ester Tyrrell First Woman Doctor in Canton

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