Welcome back to 70 Artifacts for 70 years! Look for our logo in platinum honoring the 70th anniversary of the Stark County Historical Society.

Today we feature a book, Canton, Ohio 1922.

This is a wonderfully simple book that illustrates Canton in the early 1920’s.

It is an excellent resource to find people, service clubs, school buildings, churches, public buildings, and services that made Canton a wonderful place to live in 1922.

It was compiled and published by Canton Mayor, Herman R. Witter.

Canton 1922 70th Logo

Canton, Ohio 1922 Signature

One of our copies includes Mayor Witter’s signature!

Canton, Ohio 1922 Herman R. Witter, Mayor

Herman R. Witter, Mayor Canton, Ohio

Canton, Ohio 1922 Birdseye Views

Birdseye Views of Canton, Ohio in 1922

Canton, Ohio 1922 First National Bank

One of the Landmarks of Canton, The First National Bank. (Now Chase Tower)

More Later…