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McKinley Memorial the Most Beautiful One in the World

Lavish Scenic Outlay Surrounds the Mausoleum

Where Lamented President Will Rest – Architectural Triumph Rises…

…The headlines read on page 2 of the April 23, 1907 edition of the Stark County Democrat.

Stark County Democrat

The Architectural Triumph Rising is credited to Harold Van Buren Magonigle who designed the McKinley National Memorial.  We hold the original plans drawn by Mr. Magonigle, and his associates in the Ramsayer Research Library.

The article above in the Stark County Democrat speaks of David Robertson, Foreman of the Stonecutters constructing the monument to our 25th President.  While David worked on the monument he lived here in Canton with his family at 119 Brown Avenue NW, very near the monument construction site.


You may read the entire article here:

STARK COUNTY DEMOCRAT Tue, Apr 23, 1907 Canton, Ohio Page: 2

David Hay Davey Robertson

David Hay Davey Robertson, Joe’s grandfather

Margaret Walsh Robertson

Below is a copy of a letter to Davey from Harold Van Buren Magonigle.  Thank you Joe & Marsha for sharing this with us!

Harold Van Buren Mogongale Letter


Davey was of course present for the laying of the cornerstone of the McKinley National Memorial.  Below is a photograph of the laying of the cornerstone on November 16, 1905. Davey is the gentleman on the far right of the photograph with his right hand on the front of the cornerstone.

1964.240.72.25 (WaterMark)


Joe Robertson and his wife Marsha visited the Library this past October.  Joe had been here some thirty years ago.  At that time he found the McKinley Museum closed on a Saturday.  Evidently Joe contacted the right person because they came to the museum and opened it for him! Joe returned last year to the McKinley National Memorial to show his wife the result of his grandfather’s long and hard work.




Thank you Joe & Marsha for the wonderful visit!

Joe, your grandfather was a leader who used brute strength to accomplish amazing things in his lifetime!

More later…