Jason Lambardi and Volunteer, Judy Cloud Pocock

One never knows when working with children who have a special interest in history where it might lead.

Recently Jason Lombardi, President of the Malvern Historical Society, stopped by the library to donate some photographs.  In our conversation he shared that he had been interested in the history of his hometown since he was an elementary school student.

Next to his childhood home was a small cemetery which became his special project.  He made notes and kept records of the graves there.  He worked to physically maintain the cemetery.  This was not a summer project—he did it for years.

He spoke of his father driving him to Canton so that he could spend time doing historical research at the library on subjects which interested him.  His dad would patiently wait for hours for him to have the time he needed.

Today Jason still has an active interest in history although he did not pursue it as a career.  He contributes to Find-A-Grave and helps educate others through the Malvern Historical Society.

If you know a child who has an active interest like Jason—take the time to allow him or her to explore and do historical research.   One never knows where this time spent will lead—a rewarding career or perhaps a life-time of helping others learn about the past.

  • Judy Cloud Pocock – Guest Blogger, Volunteer McKinley Presidential Library & Museum