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Meyer’s Lake Amusement Park Canton, Ohio

Meyer's Lake Carousel IV

Cleveland Avenue North & 4th Street Canton, Ohio November 3, 2017

The carousel spinning and spinning…

Meyer's Lake Carousel III

The lights, the sounds, the horses…

Meyer's Lake Carousel II

Meyer's Lake Carousel I

All of these elements added up to one thing.  Pure joy, for all ages.

Every generation looks for a way to bring together people of all ages.  Meyer’s Lake was the glue that held all ages together for many generations in Canton, Ohio. Just say the phrase, “It used to be at Meyer’s Lake…” to a native of Stark County and watch her face light up with a certain joy not found in many other places.

The Carousel at Meyer’s Lake brought joy to many people from all over the country.  In the early 1970’s, when the amusement park came to an end, this Merry-go-round was packed up and shipped to Hartford, Connecticut.  It was unpacked, a sight was chosen, and it was assembled in Bushnell Park for many more generations to enjoy.


Bushnell Park is situated at the base of the Connecticut State House

My wife Alyson Bachtel Holland and I had the opportunity to ride this historic artifact that once brought children and adults of  Stark County a sense of pure joy!  As we chose our horse and we listened for the next bell, and the music to begin we felt nostalgic and we were drawn closer to the memories of our parents riding this carousel over and over., when it sat in Meyer’s Lake.  You can’t buy that feeling…

Listen now, as we take you on this ride, Circling Joy…