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Sarah Buchtel – Research Coordinator

We invite our followers to get to know Sarah Buchtel, our Research Coordinator volunteer at the McKinley Presidential Library!

Sarah is a Stark County native. She grew up down the road from Taggarts and remembers going there all the time with her family. Some of her favorite memories as a kid was going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame parade. Her family would get up really early and go to Mary Ann Donuts for breakfast before setting up their seats to watch the parade. When she was about 6, her family moved to Plain Township, where she had a nice home with a big backyard to play in.

As for schooling, she went to Clarendon Elementary, moved to Frazer, and completed her elementary education at Taft Elementary school all in Canton, Ohio. She went to Glenoak High School and graduated in 2002. During high school, she worked at Chick-fil-A, and wanted to continue working there during college. She attended Malone University as a history major for a year, but found it hard to work while going to school. She worked at Chick-fil-A for 12 years and has been at her current job for the past 9 years. She works as a manager of a family owned business, Affordable Uniforms, near the Cuyahoga region.

When she is not working or volunteering, she loves to travel with her family and friends. Every 2 years, Sarah and her best friend plan a road trip to go places neither of them have visited. One of her favorite places to go when traveling is Walt Disney World Resort and she enjoys spending time riding the roller coasters and enjoying the Florida sun.

She loves to learn and enjoys reading about ancient Egyptian history. Sarah became interested in ancient Egyptian history, at a young age, and that continues to be one of her passions. Her grandmother used to read lots of books by the same author and many of the book covers included scenes or drawings of Egypt. In the future, she plans to hopefully travel with an archaeologist to Egypt and explore her passion.

Sarah started as a volunteer in the McKinley Presidential Library last September after one of her friends invited her to visit her while she was volunteering. She had always wanted to be a volunteer, but never had the time due to work constraints. After visiting her friend and seeing the Presidential Library for the first time, Sarah arranged her work schedule to make some time to volunteer.

Sarah loves how welcoming the environment in the library is. She finds learning about the other volunteers interesting because many of them have worked in different careers, but each found themselves in the same place because of their shared love of history and Stark County.

Sarah’s role in the Presidential Library is to go through all of the research requests that people submit to us using our online form. Occasionally she receives a written request through the regular mail that is difficult to answer.

She invites more people to become volunteers. The more people volunteering, the more projects can be completed and new projects can be started.

Sarah wants more people to understand how important history is and why it should be preserved. She finds it important for others to recognize the good and bad of history and how to learn from the past instead of romanticizing about how life used to be.

We want to thank Sarah for letting us interview her and allow us to share her story on our social media. Our team at the McKinley Presidential Library loves being able to share stories of our volunteers with people outside of the museum and we want you to be apart of that too!

If you would like information on how to become a volunteer, be sure to private message our page or call the museum at: (330) 455-7043


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