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In honor of D-Day and those who have served us, our team at the Presidential Library would like to show our followers something special.

One of our volunteers, Rosemary Shaheen, has allowed us to digitize her husband’s diary from his time in the navy. His name was Nicholas B. Shaheen and joined the navy in 1943 right after graduating high school. During his time in the navy, he kept a diary of what he and his fellow soldiers were doing as they served. One of these entries was written as the invasion was happening, 75 years ago today. The first photo we have from the diary comes from the beginning, and it details the different locations where Nicholas was stationed. Our second photo includes details from June 4, 1944 to June 6, 1944. Above the June 6 entry, Nicholas has written “We are making history.” and has written “Joke” underneath this. He had not known how important the actions of those serving and how they would be celebrated and honored greatly.


We want to thank Rosemary for bringing in her husband’s diary and allowing us to share her husband’s story with our followers. We also want to give thanks to Nicholas Shaheen for his dedication and servitude to his country, as well as the rest of the soldiers who served and those who continue to serve our country.