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Recently the library received a request from a member of the Deuble family who wanted to know about some of her relatives, specifically Martin Deuble.  She wanted a picture of Martin to complete a Deuble Family Genealogy that she is writing.  The Deuble family was synonymous with high quality jewelry, watches, dishes, and glassware.  Deuble Jewelers is one of Canton’s oldest merchants beginning in the 1830’s.  The requester also wanted to find a picture of Norman Deuble, Martin’s son.  It seems Norman was an active High Wheeler as far back as 1886 and an early member of the Canton Bicycle Club.  Norman was participating in a bicycle race in 1892 when he got in an accident. He fell off his bicycle, and was rushed to the newly built Aultman Hospital with a brain injury. This is what is believed to be the first operation ever performed by hospital physicians at Aultman. Unfortunately, Norman did not survive.  The requester knew of a studio photograph portraying the Canton Bicycle Club that included Norman. in 1886, at the age of twenty-one.  Our archives have a newspaper quality image that fits this description. Enter the phrase that we use in the library every day: “If it is meant to be it will find its way to you.

Our current intern, from Walsh University, Alyssandra Howe is researching the time in Canton’s history known as “Little Chicago.”  One of the major sources for her project is a master’s thesis from a student at Ohio State University who authored Saxton Street: The Reconstruction of a Red Light District.  In the course of her study she read about the 1937 bullet proof Studebaker the Canton Police Department commissioned, which now lives at the Canton Classic Car Museum.  Volunteer, Tom Haas, and I took Alyssandra to meet Char Lautzenheiser, the director of the museum.  Char gave Alyssandra a lot of rich history of “Little Chicago”, as well as a tour of the museum including the 1937 bullet proof Studebaker.


While Char and Alyssandra were playing around the cars, the photographs hanging on the wall drew my interest.  What did I find hanging on the wall in the shadow of the bullet proof car?  The very photograph of the Canton Bicycle Club in 1886 with Norman Deuble and other Canton “Movers & Shakers”.

YM Bicycle Club 1886 (Watermark)