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The Walsh University Com 365 Writing for Advertising and PR service-learning class has partnered with the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum to promote “A Walk with the President” in Stark County.

“The Walk” consists of twelve stops in downtown Canton in which President William McKinley had an historical impact.

The Walsh students, working with the Museum’s Archivist, Mark Holland are planning a virtual First Friday on April 3, and contributing content for the Stark-Tusc County Cultural Collaboration. The Collaboration is many of the Stark and Tuscarawas County’s Museums sharing content Monday – Saturday on Facebook.  The McKinley Presidential Library & Museum will be sharing the students’ content on Monday, April 6 at noon on its Facebook Page.

Student teams recreated the museum’s brochure and produced table tents and posters for local businesses.  In addition, the class has contributed to the Museum’s social media presence and has shot video content with QR codes for stops along “The Walk.” The goal of the class is to use each student’s talents for different elements of the project. These videos will also enhance the McKinley Museum Mobile App and as a patron walks with the President, he or she will have additional information about each stop along “The Walk.” Link: https://www.vamonde.com/adventure/a-walk-with-president-mckinley/781

The class met on Zoom with Professor Lee Horrisberger and Archivist Mark Holland for the second half of the semester. Students used this time to plan and coordinate tasks for “The Walk,” give and receive feedback and to support their peers when needed.  Jennifer Loudiana, Director of User Support and Classroom Technology at Walsh University also has been attending online meetings to assist with the technology being used and to help if trouble arises.

Please enjoy an overview of the Walsh University COM 365 Writing for Advertising and PR project by clicking this link:   _________.