Welcome to the Attic…

McKinley Presidential Library & Museum Canton, Ohio

Ramsayer Research Library

We Seek the Threads that Connect the Past & Present to Inspire Others in Their Quests…

This is WHY we do what we do

People travel great distances, make great sacrifices, and spend vast amounts of time and money searching for the answers to their questions.  People from all over the world visit, call, or write to the Archive with questions about their relatives who lived in Stark County, to find a business that was once here, or to view the vast photograph collection.  Everyone has a story, everyone has a question.  We can help you…

Follow this Blog, to learn more about the activities that surround Stark County, and President William McKinley’s legacy.

We at the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum gather information and artifacts from our vast collection to help people find their happiness.  What does this mean?  People come to us with hundreds of questions about William McKinley, Stark County, and the Presidency in general, and they ask us what we have to offer as a museum.  They ask these questions because they have a desire to satisfy a curiosity, or have a need to get to the bottom of a question.  Whatever their reason for asking they, seem relieved and happy to get their question answered, and get the information they crave.



13 thoughts on “Welcome to the Attic…”

  1. Hey Now….Very Cool… I look forward to more posts… Thanks

  2. Cindy Evans said:

    I have run across old photos . One of president McKinley. One of his wife and one of his daughter. They came from from a photo place in canton Ohio. I was wondering who I should take them to, the one of William McKinley is sighed . I would like go send pics . Thanks for your time

  3. Michelle said:

    Hello, I am a “Clark” girl. I came across two photos of James J Clark whose law office is shown in the museum. I would like to pass one photo on, Interested? Michelle Clark Power

  4. Gary Juwell said:

    Would you have a seperate file on Mapleton Clay Products, which operated in Osnaburg Twp. In the 1st half of the 20th Century?
    Also, do you have files about railroading in stark Co.?

    • Hi Gary,

      We processed your question as a request. You will receive an initial email from us, and you will be contacted by a volunteer who will work on your request.

      Thank you!

      Mark G. Holland
      McKinley Presidential Library & Museum

  5. Christopher Schardt said:

    Hi Mark,

    I have some questions about an original photograph of President McKinley I just acquired. Could you help me determine its origin?


  6. Hello!
    I recently found a poster “FREE WOOL” in New London, Ohio. It was issued by The McKinley League of Philadelphia”. I wondered if it is of any historical/monetary value or perhaps something from your gift shop?

    Thank you for any guidance in advance.

  7. I recently obtained a large mirror that I was told once hung in the McKinley Hotel. I see postcards dated 1910 showing the McKinley Hotel on S. Market Street. Whatever happened to that hotel ?


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