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More Significant Than I Knew

October would be a significant month for me. October proved to be very important when I did my student teaching. My teaching career began in October. And October was the month I lost my dad, Gene Glenn Holland. It is Saturday October twenty-eighth 1989, and my plans are to DJ at a sweet sixteen party in Greentown, Ohio. My parents are to go to my dad’s McGregor Grade School reunion at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox in Canton. That same day I receive news that I can pick up my high school diploma the following Monday. My parents left for their reunion, and I waved goodbye to them as they drove off in our brown 1984 Pontiac station wagon, for my dad and I it turned out to be the last goodbye. He danced with my mom for about ten minutes. He walked over to the table he had been sitting. Placed his hands on the shoulders of an old friend who was sitting with him. He collapsed, and he was gone before he hit the floor. Massive heart attack, with ninety-six percent blockage. My mom and dad met dancing, and they parted dancing. My mom was the strongest, and held the family together for the next twenty-one years. More later…