Boy goes to war…Boy meets girl…They become man and wife…
They leave legacy for Their Family & Stark County…

Mandy came in yesterday to share the legacy of her grandpa & grandma. She shared with me on the phone two days earlier that she had many images of Stark County taken and documented by her grandmother. I told her I would love to see them, and asked if she could share them with our archive. She was more than happy to share the legacy of her grandparents and their connection to Stark County. Mandy is a “scrapbooker” and she began her journey by organizing her family’s personal photos, and realizing she needed to organize the images of her county as well. She knew most of the locations from her grandmother’s collection, but there were some buildings in and around Canton, that she could not identify.


Tom Haas stepped in, sat with Mandy, and helped to identify nearly every image she had in question. Mandy is so pleased with this new found information! History & family are two passions that drive her to scan, clean-up, document, and share the wonderful collection her grandmother left.

Thank you Mandy, for your hard work, and big heart!

Thank you Tom, for your service to the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, and Stark County!

All of the Ramsayer Research Library’s volunteers are priceless! They each bring their individual talents and personalities to our cause. They take their tasks and pour their hearts into them completely! They are very much appreciated!

Thank you to the Staff of the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum for the support!

More Later…