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International Archives Day…


Today we celebrate International Archives Day.  In the McKinley Presidential Library we celebrate archives every day.  More importantly we celebrate the people who created these wonderful documents, images, moving pictures, and narratives we call archives.  Archives are the records left behind by people who came before us who wished to be remembered, and show future generations how a culture lived in a particular time.

The McKinley Presidential Library fulfills two missions: preserving President William McKinley’s legacy, and the History of Stark County.  We thank our dedicated and passionate volunteers who work not only in our work space at the museum, but at their homes, and at other historical sites, near and far.  This is WHAT we do. We Seek the Threads that Connect the Past & Present to Inspire Others in Their Quests.. This is WHY we do what we do…

People travel great distances, make great sacrifices, and spend vast amounts of time and money searching for the answers to their questions.  People from all over the world visit, call, or write to the Archive with questions about their relatives who lived in Stark County, to find a business that was once here, or to view the vast photograph collection. Everyone has a story, everyone has a question. We can help you…

The McKinley Presidential Library is open to help you with research Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Our typical process for research is to have our patrons fill out a Research Request Form, https://mckinleystarkcountyresearch.wordpress.com/submit-research-request/  then one of our researchers will address your question and determine what resources we have available in our archives, and finally invite you to come in to view artifacts, documents, and resources that help answer your question. If you are not local we can communicate through email and telephone.