Thursday October 30, 2014

Last week myself, a volunteer, and a regular researcher, in the library got the chance to view the Onesto Hotel.  Brett Haverlick is the project supervisor for the Onesto Project. Coon Restoration & Sealants Inc.  purchased photographs from the Ramsayer Research Library to help them restore the Onesto to its 1930’s look.


200 Cleveland Avenue NW Canton, OH 44702


The original Letterbox



The Modern Mailboxes


Mr. White! The long, long wait is over…



Frank Onesto, Handing Over His Vision


This desk is a copy of the original desk. A company took the original, cut it into three pieces. Took it back to their studio, and made an exact copy.


The Location of the Smoke Shop

Onesto Smoke Shop

Onesto Smoke Shop


We toured the various rooms they offer for lease.

Then Brett turned to us and asked if we wanted to see the roof! Can anyone say “Once in a lifetime!!!


We had the time of our lives! Mr. White marveled us with stories of the career of Frank Onesto.  Brett had some stories too!

One of the most interesting stories was about the tunnel that connected the Onesto to the St. Francis.  The food for both hotels was prepared in the St. Francis, and brought over to the Onesto.  In turn the laundry service was performed at the Onesto, and sent through the underground tunnel to the St. Francis.


The open space where you see the picnic tables, is the location where the St. Francis once sat, until it was razed in the late 1980’s.

Thank you Coon Restoration & Sealants Inc., and Brett Haverlick for the “Nickel Tour!”

IMG_0472We also took a side trip to the new Canton Brewing Co.  We went home, and got to work finding photographs for this project!

More later…